Skinny-Mini Cherry-Topped Cheesecakes

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99 calories | This was going to be a recipe for mini-lemon cheesecakes. But when I was making them, my friend Chris popped by and saw the box of vanilla wafers and the cream cheese and said, “No way. Are you making those cherry cheesecakes? My mom used to make them.” Then I remembered that my mom used to make them, too…

Chocolate Not Only In Your Dreams Cake

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101 calories | I dreamed about eating a cake like this for years (both in my sleep and just rapid-fire thoughts during the day). I’m serious. I’m one of those “There’s no such thing as chocolate cake that’s too rich” types. I was dieting, but I would have to “cheat” with chocolate from time to time just to keep my…

BBQ Bacon Meatloaf

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258 calories | Bread crumbs are traditionally used in meat loaf and meatballs to add moisture to the finished dish and, sometimes, even to add bulk to stretch the meat for your dollar. I often use oatmeal instead as it will do the trick to create moist and delicious dishes while adding fiber—it’s not just a bunch of…

“Cut the Crap” Whipped Topping

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8 calories | Devin’s Note: It’s important to use this topping within about 1 day or to freeze any excess. After a day in the refrigerator, it begins to separate. In the freezer, it will stay as made for weeks and never gets hard so it’s great for topping anything, as the cravings hit. Though you may be tempted…

Pumped-Up Pumpkin Pie Bites

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94 calories | These delicious little bites are real crowd-pleasers and are the perfect size for individual servings at a buffet table (instead of asking your guests to cut their own wedge of pie!).

Better Blueberry Pancakes

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140 calories | If you’re as big a fan of these pancakes as my brunching buddies and I are, rest assured that you can double, triple, and even quadruple this recipe with great success. In addition, the batter will keep in your refrigerator for up to 3 days. I personally like to mix the batter fresh and enjoy the pancakes…

Chocolate Fudge Sauce

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45 calories | I consider this recipe more necessary than almost any other in this book. Everyone who knows me knows that even though I’ve lost more than 55 pounds and maintained that loss for close to 20 years, I eat chocolate every day! This is my new favorite way to satisfy my chocolate cravings—an all-natural topper that contains only 45 calories per serving.

Chocolate Glazed Soft Pretzel Bites

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144 calories | Adding a sprinkle of sea salt to chocolate has emerged as a trend in recent years. And it doesn’t surprise me—it’s such a delicious way to satisfy sweet and salty cravings at once. Whole wheat pizza dough provides a great base for these everyone-friendly bites topped with a mouth­watering glaze…

Indian Chicken Salad Pockets

devinalexanderMains, Recipes

186 calories | I’m a big fan of mixing low-fat mayonnaise with stronger flavors to give it the richness of a full-fat mayonnaise. Here, I’ve coupled low-fat mayo with curry paste, which is found in the international foods aisle in most major grocery stores. Just be sure you don’t go crazy with these pastes…

Sweet Potato No-Skins

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141 calories | These “No-Skins” incorporate a very strategic use of salt. You season the top of the potato rounds so that when they’re flipped, the seasoning will be on the bottom—ensuring that your tongue hits the salt on the potato first! That way, you need less salt overall, and your tastebuds will still…