Devin’s Eggs

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209 calories | Every time we had overnight guests when I was growing up, my mom served a dish called Jenny’s Eggs. It was from a recipe she had gotten from my aunt JoAnne for what was basically a crustless quiche. It had a pound of cheese, at least a stick or two of butter, tons of whole eggs, and plenty of ham…

Cinnamon Sugar Easter Eggs and Rabbits

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61 calories | Be sure to buy eggroll wrappers—the ones that are bigger than wonton skins to make these triangles. These are an awesome treat for Easter since they’re simple and fun and so low in calories. Heck, they’re a tiny fraction of the calories you’d consume eating frosted holiday cookies.

Spaghetti and Meatballs

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398 calories | Be sure to finely mince the onion as there is a lot of it in this recipe and you don’t want to bite down on a big chunk. Do this by hand–never chop onions in a food processor, as the extreme overcutting that can’t help but occur makes onions taste sour. I like to buy a fresh chunk of Parmesan cheese…