Empower Your Kids To WANT To Eat Veggies!

The Land of Secret Superpowers: Vegetables entices your little ones to open their eyes (and their mouths) to the heroic possibilities of the delicious foods we are all meant to eat.

This book will give them the understanding that spinach can “make you strong like daddy” and broccoli might “make you run faster than mommy”, and they just might bite. Suddenly you’re setting your little one up to be healthy while having peace in the kitchen.

Veggies Gives You Superpowers:

  • Avocado gives you energy to run fast
  • Beets help you jump high
  • Carrots are good for eyesight
  • Celery can help you keep calm
  • Mushrooms help improve your mood
  • Spinach gives you strength and makes you run fast
  • Sweet potatoes give you energy to have more fun
  • and squash makes your lungs strong so you can blow bubbles and swim!

    The Land of Secret Superpowers: Vegetables includes illustrations of multicultural children that learn where vegetables come from and how they grow. The use of rhyming words and sentences is a proven technique to help kids improve word decoding and reading comprehension.