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Devin Alexander has been one of the country’s most popular inspirational health, fitness and motivational speakers for over a decade.  Devin’s unique approach to healthy cooking, her personal weight loss story and her journey to become a mom through the Los Angeles Foster Care System after overcoming a traumatic brain injury coupled with her entrepreneurial prowess has captured the attention of major corporations, non-profits, conference, event and festival planners, as well as colleges and universities.  Whether delivering a keynote, performing a cooking demo or appearing on a panel, her ability to motivate is unrivaled.  She’s a master at providing useful tips and leaving audiences energized to take action!

In addition to having been the Chef on NBC’s Biggest Loser, Devin is a multi-time New York Times Bestselling Author.  Devin has appeared regularly on National Tv Shows from Today Show to The Doctors and Rachael Ray for over 15 years.  She’s coached thousands of pounds off others while maintaining her own 70 pounds weight-loss.  Additionally, Devin passionately advocates for foster children, sparked by the process of foster-adopting her “miracle” daughter. 


• Executive Eating for Happiness AND Longevity

• The Secret of Food

• Finding Your Bliss  (Career Centric Talk or “Diet” Centric Talk)

• How To Your Kids to Eat Vegetables… And Love Them!

• How To Get Lucky Enough To Overcome Anything!

• Restaurant Shockers – Secrets They’ll Never Tell You That Will

  Change Your Eating Forever

• The Power Woman “Diet”

• Travel Tricks That Will Keep You Fit



• Mouthwatering “Medicine”

• Stop Dieting – Get Fit

• Basic Cooking Techniques That Will Create “Wow” In Your   

  Healthy Dishes

• 30 Minutes in Your Kitchen Can Save You Hours on a Treadmill

• Cooking Is Easy. You’re The One Making It Hard.

• Cheat Without Cheating

• A Few Hours Of Prep Per Week to Transform Your Life