5 Reasons Spending Time with Friends is Good for Your Health

devinalexanderLifestyle & Beauty

    1. Laugh it up!  Laughing is good for your heart.  Research from Stanford University says that 100 hearty laughs are as good for your heart as 15 minutes on a stationary bike.  This is the perfect excuse to go to a comedy show with the girls or watch a fun sitcom on tv together…while doing Pilates of course!                 
  1. Sing it! Go karaoke singing with the girls and belt it out baby! Add a couple dance moves and you have an allover body workout.  Singing increases oxygen flow, which is great for your immune system, skin and brain!


  1. Talk it out! Spending time with friends is a fantastic way to relieve stress and anxiety.  When you surround yourself with friends you are increasing your endorphins and helping yourself stay healthy and happy.


  1. Shake it! Go dancing with your girlfriends. Just one hour of dance can burn 300 or more calories!  So go dancing for a couple hours…and skip the alcoholic drinks-get club soda and lime or cranberry tonic.


  1. Create it! Have your friends over to finish that project you’ve been putting off. You know-the chest you’ve been meaning to sand and refurbish or the room you’ve wanted to desperately paint mocha brown. This is a great opportunity for you and the girls to be active and do something together!