A Star in Local Media

Thousands of TV, radio, and newspaper features/appearances nationwide including Good Day NY, KTLA in LA, 10! (Philadelphia), Good Morning Arizona, AM Northwest (Portland), and Good Day Colorado consistently for 10 years.

Devin is an experienced, expert, and welcomed guest on national satellite TV and radio tours.

A Hit with National Media

Devin’s passion and energy are captivating on broadcast media.

She has won raves for her unique brand of advice and her healthy and Devinly decadent food—food that people actually want to make and enjoy eating—on national morning shows (Today, Good Morning America), talk shows (The Doctors, Dr. Oz, Dr. Phil, The View), entertainment and news channels (E!, Access Hollywood Live, TV Guide, Fox, MSNBC, CNN, The Revolution), and many more.

Devin is also a QVC veteran with sell-out performances

A National Print Magnet

Devin and her books and TV show have been featured in dozens upon dozens of national lifestyle, food, health, and women’s magazines and national newspapers.

MORE THAN 160,000,000

National Magazine Contributor

Devin has written 500+ features and articles about food, health, nutrition, and weight loss for over 25 national lifestyle and fitness magazines.

MORE THAN 120,000,000

Devin’s Growing Online Universe

  • SpokesChef for Ninja Blenders
  • SpokesChef for Lynx Grills
  • Recent video series for Shape Magazine and Muscle & Fitness
  • Currently on the Advisory Board for Men’s Fitness Magazine
  • Brand Ambassador for Fab Fit Fun
  • American Heart Association Ambassador
  • Featured prominently and regularly online, including on Fox News iMag, MSNBC, and Guideposts.com
  • Repeating features on the Telly Award winning “Healthy Kitchen with Devin Alexander” on AOL’s Kitchen Daily, NBC.com, The Biggest Loser Online Club, Diets in Review, and Discovery Health
  • Opt-in newsletter, website, Twitter feed, and Facebook fan page reach thousands upon thousands