Can Single People Foster or Adopt Through Foster Care?

devinalexanderMom Central

YES!  All you need is a stable home and lots of LOVE to give!!!  Though I’d volunteered in the space, I knew VERY little about the ins and outs of foster care before I started my journey to acquire “Jelly Bean”.  I was pretty sure

you could foster/adopt as a single person, but wasn’t 100% sure.  It seems many people think it’s not possible unless you’re wealthy, which is simply not the case; people seriously have been asking me constantly “how” I was able to do it as a single person, as if I had a special connection or it required proof of a crazy amount of income or thinking I must have paid to do it.

Having gone through the process, I’d “argue” it’s actually easier as a single person.  A social worker had to come to my house and interview “every member of my family” four times (standard in LA county for all families).  Since I was the only “member of my family”, not only was scheduling easier, it took the social worker a lot less time than it would have if she also had to interview a husband and/or other children.

If you are a single person or know one who has a happy life and would love to share your love with one of the over 400,000 children in the Foster Care System in the U.S., please share this message.  My life has been so enhanced by Jelly Bean…and there is such a desperate need to find homes for these precious angels.  If you’d like more information, is an amazing not-for-profit organization who was started to help parents figure out the process.  There is no cost to receive their advice – they were literally started to help loving adults connect with the incredible children!