Devin Alexander Co-Hosts Culver City Annual Taste of Summer


Join me at the Culver City Annual Taste of Summer event this year! I’m co-hosting with an amazing group of individuals including Jon Huertas from NBC’s “This is Us” and co-owner of Clutch and Eric Greenspan of Brekkie Breakfast Burritos. Shira Lazar and I are honorary hosts at this event. Making a difference never tasted so good!

All proceeds from this soiree will benefit the Fulfillment Fund. You can learn more about this special organization below.

The Fulfillment Fund


Culver City Annual Taste of Summer

Where: Unici Casa, Culver City
When: Saturday, June 28th, 2018 from 5 – 8 PM

Join us for a night of exclusive food, drink tastings, cooking demos, live music and a silent auction. The Culver City Annual Taste of Summer brings together various chefs, wineries, breweries, restaurants, along with exciting entertainment and fun company.

This one-of-a-kind event is meant to raise donations and recruit volunteers for the Fulfillment Fund and its students. Rub shoulders with the biggest food aficionados in town while benefiting an inspiring educational organization.

Who Will Be There?

Join me along with this talented group of foodies and chefs:

  • Jon Huertas (Star of NBC’s “This Is Us”)
  • Eric Greenspan (The Roof on Wilshire)
  • Shira Lazar (What’s Trending)
  • Denise DeCarlo (The Grub)
  • Betsy Fraser
  • Josh Elkin (Sugar Showdown)
  • Sammy Monsour (Preux & Proper)
  • Perry Cheung (Phorage LA)
  • Jason Fullilove (Barbara Jean)

I love events like these because tasting menus give us healthy eaters an opportunity to splurge without breaking the calorie bank. We get to experience the brilliance of other chefs without committing to a whole plate of anything. Now that’s what I call a “cheat” day!

My Passion for Education

I make it a point to do charity work near my birthday every year. As the mother to one of the 28,000 precious angels in foster care in Los Angeles County, the Fulfillment Fund and local organizations like this speak to me in a very personal way.

The Fulfillment Fund approached me because I strongly believe in education and am looking forward to spending the evening with like-minded people. If you live in the area and are a foodie, you can’t miss this event!

Education is extremely important to me. Food education is my specialty and through my eight cookbooks, I’m proud to say that I’ve had the opportunity to help others. For this special event in Culver City, I hope to do more of the same.

Eric Greenspan and I have worked together previously on an episode of NBC’s Food Fighters. For this event, we’ll come together again for the sake of charity and helping our community.

The Fulfillment Fund

When young people fall out of the school system, they lose their path to higher education. With public schools facing never-before-seen budget cuts and rising college tuition costs, help in low income communities has never been more crucial.

The Fulfillment Fund empowers students through education. Their mission “is to make college a reality for students growing up in educationally and economically under-resourced communities.”

The legacy of their work is to create community bonds that help grow this positive cycle of giving and educating. Their goal is to keep kids on the right path. By investing in today, the Fulfillment Fund and its generous volunteers and patrons secure the future of our children.

I was approached by the Fulfillment Fund and strongly believe in quality education being available to everyone. I am looking forward to this amazing event and am honored to join the Culver City community.

Please join us this June 28th! Purchase your tickets here.