Intern Intel #3: Monday Shoot

devinalexanderBehind The Scenes

Monday was quite the eventful day here at the office kitchen! Then again, I suppose any day in which it isn’t just the 4 or 5 of us is pretty exciting for everyone!

It was especially exhilarating (and a bit unnerving) for me, as it was my first time working on a set here with a dedicated film crew and director! Despite my inexperience, any hesitation I may have had was quickly shoved aside as we were immediately in crunch time to set everything up for filming so that the film crew wouldn’t have to wait on us. This is where it certainly pays to be organized, as you can see with our boxed ingredients and recipe lists!

As always, my greenness was made apparent as I was continually asking where I could find this ingredient, or that utensil, or was being called out for putting knives in the sink (oops, dangerous!) So, suffice to say that I felt right in my comfort zone of not being in my comfort zone at all! Instead, I was jumping right into the deep end of the whole affair: scrambling to get everything prepped for the next shoot in a timely manner as the tired crew that drove out from Las Vegas at 5am waited on us.


Maybe for some, this sounds like a nightmare. However, by making just a small mindset adjustment, it becomes apparent that hardly ever in your everyday life are you presented with such a rapidly-effective learning opportunity! It also helps when you have the safety net of your coworkers and an understanding boss, and when you even get to enjoy the “fruits” of your own labor after!

So always be open to stepping out of your comfort zone until it becomes your new comfort zone!

Until next time, arrivederci!