Is eating granola for breakfast good for you?

devinalexanderQuestion of the Day

I thought eating granola was good for you, but I swear I gain weight every time I start eating it for breakfast instead of oatmeal. Is eating granola for breakfast good for you? Jillian L., Camden, SC

Great question, Jillian!

While eating granola CAN be good for you, granola can actually also be very calorie dense! Some brands have more calories in a cup than a plate of bacon or 11 of my brownies! If you ask me, I’d rather have one of those. When choosing a granola brand, pay close attention to the serving size and beware of labels claiming to be “fit!” or “low-fat.” It’s easy to get tricked into thinking a cereal is healthier than it really is. Many times the serving information is for only ¼ of a cup! I don’t think it’s realistic to eat less than a cup of cereal, so I try to pick brands that have less than 200 calories per cup. You also want to look for one that is high in fiber and low in sugar. Just be smart and you can enjoy your morning granola and still see the pounds come off. Check out this video where I explain what can really be in your granola.

Hope this helps!