Pizza Hut: Beef Topping


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Pizza Hut: Beef Topping


3 ounces 96% lean ground beef (about 1⁄4 cup + 2 tablespoons)
1 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon egg substitute
2 teaspoons dry bread crumbs
1⁄2 teaspoon salt


In a small bowl, combine the beef, egg substitute, bread crumbs, and salt. With a fork, mix to blend. At this point, the mixture can be crumbled into small pieces directly onto the pizza. If making ahead, scoop out balls with a 1⁄4 teaspoon measure and place, not touching, in a waxed paper–lined rectangular airtight plastic container. Continue layering between sheets of waxed paper. Refrigerate for up to 3 days.

Makes 2⁄3 cup, enough for 4 Personal Pan Pizzas or 1 large Meat Lover’s Hand-Tossed style Pizza

Entire recipe: 124 calories, 19 g protein, 3 g carbohydrates, 4 g fat, 1 g sat. fat, trace fiber

By Devin Alexander

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Pizza Hut: Beef Topping
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