Pro E-Gamer Turned Chef … Game On with WildTurtle!


WildTurtle cooks his first meal EVER

When I told a girlfriend that I was having WildTurtle for dinner she yelled “Gross!” I was quick to assure her that no turtle was being cooked, instead I was having 23 year old League of Legends champion Jason Tran in my kitchen for a cooking lesson. She was more shocked to learn that this was the first dish Jason has ever cooked in his life.

Jason, who goes by WildTurtle in the gamer world, is a Rockstar at the battle arena game, League of Legends. He’s won three titles in the North America League of Legends Championship Series and above that, the only game that gets more viewers than his own is the Super Bowl. He’s wholly successful and smart but, at the same time, never held an onion before.

How this popular gamer wound up in my kitchen

I got a phone call one day from my good friend and former colleague. She told me about a group of pro gamers wanting to step outside their comfort zones and do things they’ve never done before. She specifically wanted to know if I’d be up to the challenge of teaching one in particular how to cook? Of course I was down for that!

When I first sat down to talk with Jason, I learned that he grew up in Canada and was spoiled by his mom’s deliciously authentic Vietnamese cooking. WildTurtle knew what good food tasted like and never thought he’d have the power to create it himself. That’s where I wanted to prove he was wrong!

He was hesitant when I told him we were dishing up Chili Basil Chicken Stir-fry with Brown Rice Udon Noodles and additionally teaching him how to grill the perfect Japanese London Broil. He warned me he had never boiled water and none the less was a great sport when I told him he would be doing all the cooking that day. While cooking, we revealed to each other some of our tips and secrets of cooking and gaming. WildTurtle was amazing in the kitchen and even helped me “fluff” basil (even though he thought it was silly) .

And he did an amazing job! WildTurtle blew everyone’s mind (even his own team) with the dishes he cooked. He had some of the best diligence and attention to detail in the kitchen and I can see how he’s so successful in his field. Even though he thought the physical cooking was hard, he was totally up for it, and was an absolutely amazing chef by the end of the day! He sweetly wanted everyone in the room–including the sound guy!– to try his sesame seed encrusted steak. I was super proud of his work and I know he was too.

And I just had to ask him. Was there a special girl he was learning how to cook for? And ladies, I got the dish: WildTurtle is currently single and I sent him home with one of my “You Can Have It!” cookbooks to use when a special lady does come around.

Changing the Game

I’ve been lucky enough to have had a lot of guests in my kitchen over the years, but this week I had one of the most unique experiences ever. Thanks WildTurtle for reminding me why I do what I do to spread awareness on healthy, decadent cooking.