Radio Show: I Scream You Scream…For Healthier Ice Cream!

devinalexanderRadio Show

By now, I think everyone has heard of Halo Top. Did you know that 2 former lawyers with NO food background created the booming (decadent!) brand and that it’s now a $100 million business? In fact,Food and Wine hailed, “Halo Top Is Now the Most Popular Pint of Ice Cream in America”. Halo Top was the subject of an article in Inc. magazine called, “Why the Most Hated-On New Ice Cream Brand in America Is a Booming $100 Million Business”. Forbes published an article called, “Halo Top, And How To Be The Beatles Of Your Business”. In this episode of “Have It All”, I’m talking to co-founder, Doug Bouton, who is sure to inspire us to follow our dreams and GO FOR IT! He’ll break down the secrets to becoming “The Beatles” and dominating. And he’ll also share how he mustered the courage to leave a well-paying law job to co-create the brand amidst the nay-sayers who we’re all sure said, “what are you thinking?!?”. It’s a must-listen episode if you aren’t charging ALL of your dreams!