Radio Show: One Hour to Glowing

devinalexanderRadio Show

If you could hang out with one of Hollywood’s most sought-after Make-Up Artists and Beauty Experts, would you? Now YOU can finally get that million dollar advice you’d be dreaming about. Enter Paige Padgett, who not only gave Jillian Michaels her glowing great looks through Biggest Loser and beyond, she’s arguably the most premiere Green Beauty expert in the country! During this important hour, you;ll learn the essentials to toxic-free beauty and glowing skin. You’ll learn how to go about creating a makeup routine that not only makes your skin glow in a way you can feel great about. And you might even find yourself throwing a few things away. Whether you’re a makeup novice like me or a hard-core makeup worshiper, Paige’s tips will be food for thought. Why spend one more day without feel amazing about what you’re putting on your skin? No need. It’s time to feel beautiful and “Have It All!”