Radio Show: She said Candy!

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Most of us have a great idea..but how many of us ever attempt to execute it, let alone have it come to fruition? This week, I’m talking to Tara Bosch. Like so many of us, Tara developed an unhealthy relationship with food, which affected her self-esteem and body image. But at 21,Tara’s personal journey sparked her to drop out of university, buy a gummy bear mold and begin recipe testing in her kitchen on a quest to create the first candy that kicks sugar. Two short months after Bosch began recipe testing, she created the trail-blazing company, Smart Sweets. And in less than a year, she had brought the idea of innovating candy that kicks sugar into national retailers in Canada. Her ability to self-start and make connections with fellow entrepreneurs has recently led her to break into the U.S. market and she now has a collective community of 133,000+ on social media. At 23, Tara is living proof that you can “Have It All”. You don’t want to miss her and hearing how she did it!