The Bored Munchies

devinalexanderWeight Loss

At some point many find themselves confronted with the same dismal equation: unmotivated attitude + boredom = unnecessary eating.  And what’s worse, we indulge this negative habit with full knowledge of its potentially harmful consequences.  Why?  Maybe it’s because we don’t see the healthy alternatives.  Well the excuses stop here with the help of these tips for keeping your hands out of the chip bag and into fun, constructive activities.

    1. Give back, get more: I’ve found that a lot of my clients who used to be over-eaters did it because they didn’t have a passion. They didn’t have as much love in their life as they would have liked…so they obsessed about food.  If you’re “stuck” and need new or better friends or something that makes you feel really grateful and fulfilled, do some charity work (particularly something active like walking dogs for the elderly or playing with kids who lost their parents or stuffing boxes at a food bank).  Not only will you burn calories, you’ll be collecting great karma.
    2. Do something to keep your hands busy: play a card game, update your blog, or finally organize your pictures in a photo album or scrapbook.
    3. Be a bookworm: instead of plopping down in front of the TV and submitting yourself to one food commercial after another, start a new book from your collection.
    4.  Get moving: get in a good workout at your gym or take the dog for a walk (or a run!) around the neighborhood.  Exercise elicits feelings of accomplishment, and a lot of times this helps curb hunger pains. [Side note: don’t have a dog?  Take yourself for a walk or go with a friend or spouse].
    5. Do your chores with vigor: there’s always something around the house that needs to be done – dishes, laundry, giving the tub a good scrub.  I didn’t say it was a glamorous alternative to snacking, but it’s surely a solid substitute.
    6. Take up a new hobby: have you always wanted to learn how to sew?  Do you have a secret interest in starting a collection of rare comic books or coins?  Go ahead and satisfy your curiosities with new pastimes.

Just remember, the key is to eat when you’re hungry, not when you’re bored.  So from now on try listening to your stomach instead of your head, and be proud of keeping your hands busy with games and hobbies, rather than unhealthy snacks