Toys Jellybean Loves Right Now

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Kathryn, my Careleader, shared that “Passive Toys Make Active Babies”

This phrase is the frame work Kathryn and I use when choosing a toy for Jelly Bean.

What does it mean? It means that I give Jelly Bean toys that must be interacted with to come alive. No Flashy lights or buttons that trigger sounds. Though so many of the toys that have all of the features seem fun at first glance (and I will admit that I was a little disappointed when Kathryn was educating me on why they may not be the best choices for Jelly Bean), I now see how focused and engaged Jelly Bean is.  And it’s really exciting!

I realize that children have different temperaments.  So some of how “Jelly Bean Is” just is.  But I do believe that the fact that she is not overstimulated with crazy bells and whistles has helped her play independently longer and allows me to take her out to events with me.  And all that play time means that “Jelly Bean” has fallen into a pretty great sleep pattern without formal sleep training.  I know that many sleep trainers start by restricting “screens” and taking away loud toys.  The only tv or videos “Jelly Bean” has EVER watched are a few minutes of the Olympics figuring skating when my mom was visiting.

And she watched a couple minutes of “Master Chef Junior” this past Friday night when she clearly wasn’t feeling well and we were going to be “up” for a while.

Right now, Jelly beans Favorite toys are:

Her taggies blanket, ring on a ribbon, crochet rattle


Please note, in full disclosure, that the ring on a ribbon and the crochet rattle are gifts from Montikids, a brand that Kathryn introduced me to and I have become a huge fan of.  While they gave me the items for free when they learned of my interest, these opinions are written by me and I am going to continue to raise Jelly Bean (at least primarily) from a Montessori point of view, purchasing their toys and other Montessori approved toys and items.  I have not been paid any money; just received an age-appropriate starter kit. if you’re interested in learning more.