Blueberry Shortcakes To Go

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Blueberry Shortcakes To Go

I love these super easy, mini-treats for picnics and for kid-sized snacks.


3 Ounces angel food cake Torn into small pieces
3/4 Cup fresh blueberries
3/4 Cup “Cut the Crap Whipped Topping” (click here for recipe) or other extra light, natural whipped topping
4 souffle cups with lids


Divide half of the cake evenly among 4 (4 ounce) soufflé cups. Top each with about 1/8 of the blueberries. Add 2 tablespoons of the whipped topping evenly over each. Divide the remaining cake among them, followed by the remaining blueberries. Top them each with 1 tablespoon of the whipped topping.

Makes 4 (mini treat) servings.
Each serving has: 95 calories, 2 g protein, 22 g carbohydrates, 9 sugars, trace fat, trace saturated fat, 0 trans fat, <1 g fiber, 165 mg sodium
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Blueberry Shortcakes To Go
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