I’m curious, do all celebrity chefs know each other?

devinalexanderQuestion of the Day

Hi Devin, love your recipes! I’m curious, do all celebrity chefs know each other? Holly M., Henderson, NV

Hi Holly, thank you so much! 🙂

I actually get this question all the time!  And no, we don’t all know each other – though I wish we did! I had a blast on tour last summer hosting my new show America’s Chefs on Tour and meeting up with other celebrity chefs like Cat Cora, Todd English, Johnny Iuzzini, Rick Bayless and more!

But my real life friends that I adore, hang out with and highly recommend are: Supermarket Guru: Phil Lempert, Travel Expert Peter Greenberg, Amanda Pressner of The Lost Girls, Registered Dietitian Kate Geagan, Author and Fellow Smith College Alum Emily Liebert,  Weather Goddess Stephanie Abrams, Style Guru Jess Zaino, The Liquid Muse: Natalie Bovis Nelson, Doctor Melina Jampolis, Trainer Kim Lyons and many of the former Biggest Loser Contestants. They’re all amazing people!

Best Wishes!