Is there any way to make cocktails healthier?

devinalexanderQuestion of the Day

I want to lose weight but I really love to have a drink with my friends. Is there any way to make cocktails healthier? Lauren M., Stamford, CT

Absolutely! Although it’s not smart to drink too much alcohol, a few cocktails here and there are definitely okay. There are plenty of ways to make them much better for you too! Alcoholic beverages are usually filled with empty carbs, so one of my secrets is to bulk them up with frozen fruit.  For example, I love using frozen blueberries as the base of my Blueberry Margarita.  You still get to join in the fun while adding antioxidants and natural “sugars”.

Tropical drinks can also be some of the worst for you.  So instead of a traditional pina colada (which can easily have 500 calories), opt for my Punched-Up Pina Colada instead! You’ll find the full recipe at the link here.

Great taste!  No guilt!  I’ll certainly drink to that 🙂