Kitchen Klutz – Intern Intel #4

devinalexanderBehind The Scenes

Hi everyone! Nice to meet you. You can call me Kitchen Klutz.

This week in Devin Alexander’s kitchen has been a fun one. We’ve been cooking up a storm almost daily in order to get her new cookbook finished on time. It’s actually quite amusing to see everyone working so hard and diligently. We have one person baking desserts while another is braising beef while I’m on the other side of the counter curating a cocktail. At any given time there could be up to five of us in the kitchen either cooking, tasting, washing dishes or playing with JellyBean! It sounds hectic (and it sure is), but we somehow make it work.

This past Monday, I experienced one of my first rookie kitchen mistakes. In honor of National Kitchen Klutz Day today, I’ll share how I got that nickname in the kitchen! Devin gave me the super simple task of making pancake batter. The recipe asked for ½ cup low-fat buttermilk, ½ cup oat flour and a few other ingredients like vanilla extract and baking soda. Easy peasy –or so I thought. I measured everything with measuring spoons and whipped up the batter in a matter of minutes. I proudly showed Devin my batter and she asked me why it looked like that. I was mortified. What did she mean by … that. I reassured her that I measured everything correctly so she let me make a pancake anyway.

But oh my goodness was that the worst pancake I’ve ever tried! It was overly doughy and looked more like scrambled eggs. Devin helped me retrace my steps in order to find out what went wrong. Turns out I used the same measuring cup for my dry ingredients AND my wet ingredients. Big No-No. You should never use a measuring spoon for your wet ingredients but a glass measuring cup and vice versa.

Devin reminded me that measuring cups are used for wet ingredients since they ensure nothing is spilled over and it gives you a better exact measurement. I’m glad Devin is always there to help me learn from my mistakes. After that, I remade the batter (the right way) and the pancakes were a hit!


Use for wet ingredients!

Use for dry ingredients!












xx Kitchen Klutz