What Does a Celebrity Chef Order at a Restaurant? : Intern Intel #5


Hi again!

Hey everyone! It’s Kitchen Klutz. Back again with another blog post!  Tomorrow is my 21st birthday and as a surprise, Chef Devin insisted on taking the whole crew out to celebrate! We had our lunch break at FishBar, a sweet little spot near the ocean dishing up killer seafood and beach town classics. We all chowed down on delicious foods, talked about life and snapped pictures of JellyBean. It was such a memorable experience and a work day that I will never forget.

What Does a Celebrity Chef Order at a Restaurant?

While a few of us ordered ahi tuna, burgers and other goodies, Devin was keen with sticking to a healthy yet decadent diet at the restaurant. She ordered 2 blackened mahi mahi tacos on corn tortillas, with no avocado cream, add avocado slices and substitute brown rice for coleslaw (light dressing). She then washed that all down with a black Iced Tea — unsweetened of course! It was so interesting to see a Celebrity Chef concoct her own new dish out of a restaurant meal. Her tacos looked so good and filling and made my salad look super sad. It’s ultimately motivating to see her keeping up with her promise of a healthy lifestyle outside of her own kitchen.

JellyBean’s First Restaurant Experience

JellyBean continues to be the best baby to ever exist. It was her first time being in a restaurant setting and she was as cool as a cucumber with all the unusual sights and sounds. She thought it was so fascinating that TVs bordered the ceilings and found out that her new favorite hobby is licking the outside of cold cups. She did become a little restless and rowdy as soon as the food came, but supermom Chef Devin knew exactly what her little Bean needed: a bottle. Eating her taco with one hand and feeding her baby with the other, Devin was a boss and JellyBean immediately was at ease.

All in all it was a lunch break I’ll never forget. Thank you Devin!